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on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. >>> steve, should they take an umbrella? >> well, for a few, especially out towards -- maybe livermore to san jose. fremont. but after that, things are going to be winding down here pretty fast. not before some great rainfall from the north together south. coast all the way over. concord 1.7 0. livermore, 1.58. all associated with a very vigorous low sending one final band boy. is it moving fast and the wind is cranking up, especially in some of the higher elevations. some of things to come. could be a little bit of rain. a little blip there. there's a couple of around oakland, pede mawbt. had a good band going through from oakley, brentwood, antioch, to pleasant hill and livermore. it's starting to end to the north. around the altamont pass things are enhancing towards claudine wong. over towards fremont, sunol grade, milpitas, san jose. still getting a little bit of rain. temperatures are cooler. 49 now santa rosa. but the low is rapidly moving south. as it does, high pressure builds in. the wind will kick in. tomorrow we are talk
and it was coming down pretty well and steve knows all about your forecast, be careful driving and take an umbrella and we will talk to you in just a moment. welcome back thursday november 21strd, i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook, it is almost 5:30 steve, when is it clearing out? >> in a little while, we are up to an inch and a half because it is raining right now but really good rain top to bottom and yesterday's system, oakland to east bay, we are still getting some now, mostly east bay, south bay, a little bit peninsular, oakly, it looks like they are done there but it is just a couple of impulses left. we have a wet commute especially ever 08, out to pleasanton, san ramon, the western edge of it and san mateo bridge ,it looks like fremont and they are in the 40s and 50s on the temperatures and we have rain and fog not for all and we have slow clearing and morning rain and we have most of them cloudy, partly cloudy this afternoon and 50s and 60s, here is sal. >>> we have report of a crash, northbound 17 at laurel road and we will put it on just to show you, it is a little bit slow and we put it
, it is friday eve. >> i am dave clark, roads are wet, steve knows about the forecast. >> i certainly hope so. >> one more little impulse rotating through that is giving us some rain, the low is packing its bags and setting down to southern california but we have a little bit of rain out from brentwood and over towards livermore and danville, walnut creek and all of it is still holding on, a wet commute for highway 4 and 580 over towards the split heading down to san jose, you might encounter some rain and after that it starts to fall apart, 880 is towards san jose and it is a little bit colder even though it is in the 50s, our low is definitely wrapped up but it is making a "b" line towards southern california so some morning rain and it will be a little cooler for the lows but this is it for this system, a few upper 50s and here is sal. >> steve, we are looking at a commute which is getting a little bit worse and we had a report of a crash in berkeley and we have a picture of the east shore freeway and it is hard to tell because the headlights are coming towards us and if there is indeed a
in business. more a candidate for the wall of shame than any of accolades. steve ballmer is more revered. one that with $300 billion in market capitalization has to be considered a success. and this is not just within the industry. this has become a pop culture thing now. on last night's episode of "south park," ballmer's assassination by an angry and disappointed bill gates was a major subplot. not only viewed as a failure at his time at microsoft, he's sealed his deal where he says he recognizes that he's the person standing in the way of microsoft's progress. quote, maybe i'm an emblem of an old era and i have to move on. what was keeping microsoft from succeeding? quote, at the end of the day, we need to break a pattern. face it, i am a pattern. and so even he admitted it was time to go. was ballmer too hard on himself? to them he is a befuddled fool who didn't see cloud, didn't see social, didn't see mobile coming. and he thought he could ignore it or build it all into xbox one. what i would ask these executives offline what is the biggest nightmare? they almost all said the same thing,
, kansas. steve, this is a story for you. the cargo plane is a boeing 747 and was supposed to land at the air force base in kansas but landed at the smaller airport instead. no one is saying why this happened. this plane needs more than 9,000 feet to take off. the runway is about 6,000 feet long. boeing is trying to figure out how to handle this situation, what to do next. you can tweet us. >>> terrifying moments at another airport. take a look at this. an emergency slide in place in the middle of a flight inside the cabin. it knocked over a flight attendant when it blew up. this was on a flight from fort myers, florida, to boston. take a listen. >> all of a sudden there was a big noise and then it blew up like, you know. it was -- it was scary, a little scary. >> we were all startled. >> i bet that's scary. that flight attendant is okay. the plane made an emergency landing in orlando. no word on why that chute deployed. >>> florida congressman tray radal saying he is not going to step down. instead he's going to take a leave of absence to get treatment for substance abuse. >> i am
council with steve mall with his firm. at that point we also selected self disclosure council bill lofton and he's here today. so just before i introduce the team, the next steps will be that if you approve this resolution today it will go to the oversight board next week and if they approve it, it will go to department of finances. hopefully it will be sooner to offer their concurrence with this bond sale. and we are also waiting for the approval authority on the rocks to expend any proceeds then we can finalize it and get it to market. we are going total board of supervisors to increase the authority up to $70 million. with that i would like to point out the finance team members that we have in the audiences. bond council we have steve mall khan, joe watson, bob gamble and from the underwriteers jay chasmsky and della rosa. and that, i or the team would be happy to answer any questions. >> do you have [inaudible] laughed >> thank you so much. before we move on to commentary from commissioners, is there any public comment on this item? i have no sticker cards. do we have any public com
strong last month. gold falling. i love that. are we going to get 3% growth or bether? we asked steve who is a chief u.s. economist and joe the head economist at deutsch chi back. we're also the well, there's not been move going forward. it looks like kwul 4 gdp lp advised. they cited record back logs and very high ism. i think it continues this quarter. we have growth over 3, 3 1/2 so i am agreeing to this. steve, let me get your tax on that, the third quarter will be revised up. the re5789, you've had one nice quarter. it will result at home. i disagree with watching the ism as app indicator telling you what industrial production has to do. indus still have production is seeing what's actually happened? >> john burns, i think he made this point. in a not, he wasn't foop dropper health. i just claysed sick like a dye from 3.p, that's triple a is it not? >> it obviously. it's pores flow. this is in addition to higher edge kite at this prices, house. >> steve, home sales went down today. they were very disappointing. there is a school of thought that says the prior interest rate hike is sl
of naked power grab you are doing. >> okay. with that, let's bring in our panel. steve hayes rk, amy stoddard, a george will. amy. >> i'm actually told i'm not sip cal enough, but i was surprised this happened. as a mom, you threaten to at that time take the tv and break it, it's a great threat, but they kind of know you won't do it. democrats will pay for this.'s kind of know you won't do it. democrats will pay for this. i was stunned that they would do that for that reason. i can understand their exasperation. i think that the nonpartisan, bipartisan new precedent of abusing the filibuster is a shame and it's created more gridlock. but what they have done by grabbing power in this way and breaking long standing rule in the senate is going to increase partisanship and gridlock. >> george. >> well, both parties have been situational emphasis in a disgraceful way. in 2005 when the republicans threatened essentially this, i strenuously opposed it and i strenuously oppose this. it's a melancholy day. thisdy m dky thisky diminishes minority rights. it further expands presidential power.
called "philomena" which stars dame judi dench. we talk to her costar, television star steve coogan. >> i wanted to make the story which although it was a tragedy that happened in her life with her son, i wanted people to be somehow leave the cinema in an optimistic or hopeful frame of mind. so the way to find in that in the story was to be led by philomena. because philomena's grace and fortitude and stoicism in the face of all that was quite inspiring. >> rose: sir michael gambone, sir trevor nunn, dame eileen atkins and steve coogan when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: edward albee once said "i am not interested in living in the city where there isn't a production by samuel beckett running." a ground breaking production of "all that fall", a play beckett wrote for radio, arrives in new york this week following a run in london. joining me today, the director and the two main characters. all three legends of the theater. sir trevor nunnd is artistic director at the theater royal having previously s
's an incredible car. >> it's not just the shape of the car. they did things like steve jobs. you know, form follows function or whatever the old, you know, architectural strategy. the guy is like jobs to come out of nowhere. gm and ford and all the others they've been trying to come up with this for so long. i see what he's saying. if you've got a gas tank with 30 gallons worth of gas and you're in a bad accident, that's scary. but then there are these batteries, apparently -- >> and the distributor -- >> distributed across the whole bottom. does any little, you know, does any crash -- >> consumer reports comes out and says it's the safest car they've ever tested. >> this is interesting. we'll see what kind of conclusions these -- and you know, when you test cars, you see those, you know, crash dummies and stuff. you see how hard -- and it's scary to watch because even 35 miles an hour. >> are they really smashing up teslas, though? >> it's only the government, we can afford it. >> consumer reports. >> consumer reports. >> but when they test. >> yeah, well, they, i'm sure are. >> money to b
he is back. our year long investigation took al jazeera team from africa to asia. this is steve exclusive report. home to some of the most rare creatures. madagascar has long been a valued souther country, for the lizard king. and so is in the capitol we start to infill strait his network. particular owe is the first to mention the men were after. >> okay, okay. >> how do you know him. >> i introduce him to someone. he is the lizard king's name, caught twice for trafficking in the the the world's most dangerous species. he served eight years in u.s. and malaysian jails. he was released last year. informant whose work with him, say it hasn't taken long to resume charge of his smuggling network. >> you are sure he is still smuggling despite the fact that he has served time in jail in the u.s.? >> yes, i am very sure about it. people confirmed to us that the infamous tradeser still at it. >> still doing it now? >> yeah. >> yes. >> we needed to prove it ourselves. for that we head to the rural property, in his hometown. >> 2010, when law enforcement officers busted into this place.
, and i am steve and i am a regular here unfortunately. and i am the owner of 68 procidio with my wife. and as my attorney just addressed this you, there is one other thing that i wanted to point out to you. and that is as of last night, the appellant contacted my attorney through his attorney, and said, you know, if you would only get rid of your fire escape, we would be willing to drop our appeal tonight. and so, i find this very disturbing, okay? and appalling that an entire campaign was mounted for the last 13 weeks and for actually a year all around safety. and now, all of a sudden, the neighbor wants us to get rid of our fire escape. i mean, it is, the hypocracy is unbelievable these people should be made an example of and i realize that the board does not have the jurisdiction to do that, and my passion of dealing with the year of this and the cost of this and the emotional stress of having to do this. and so i will only say that to you to put a perspective on this. and why i am frustrated in support of what my attorney just said is the game that is being played here is by withd
when to reduce the stimulus program? steve liesman explains. >> the fed's october meeting showing this committee members general he believe the economy will improve enough to warrant a reduction in stimulus to the economy. specifically, they could reduce the amount of assets they purchase in quantitative easing if the fed's forecast for gradually improving economy comes true. the fed is deeply divided overcome mun case strategy as it fears stocks and bonds could sell off sharply and is trying to convince markets, if it does taper, that does not mean the central bank will raise interest rates any time sooner. ben bernanke struggled with the problem for months and there doesn't seem to be easy answers. we learned the special emergency october 16th meeting the day before the government was supposed to default to discuss what to do if that default happened. it's suggested it could take access in the event of a default. economic effects are temporary and limited. for "nightly business report", i'm steve liesman. >>> well, joining us now to talk more about the fed, bruce, chief economis
. steve. again the sixties china eu summit is concerned away here in beijing on the many scenes under discussion include financial investment human rights and advertising to the summit comes as the two sides set to break the patterns and history of that comprehensive strategic partnership and chinese president indian team x with the president of the european cultural and then byron coley and the president of the european commission the hennessy process ahead to the summit committee could tell they are chapters on this list european bees as it has become an important dialogue mechanism between the two sides and this is macy is the last one says the new leadership to call phased out and say these is real summarized by the time in the constant center of town relations and that the next decade. like chinese of vice foreign minister song contest at cctv in the china eu summit. we are trying their road map which i need your cooperation in the coming decades. and so says delegates will attempt to resolve a number of ongoing trade disputes and that the partnership is expected to be raced to a
feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you folks doing? welcome to the show, everybody. good luck. hey, folks, thank you very much. thank you very much, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of 20,795 bucks, from mcdonough, georgia, it's the ames family... [cheering and applause] but from ringgold, georgia, it's the keefe family. [cheering and applause] everybody is here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a shot of driving out of here in a fuel-efficient ford fusion. good luck to both families. give me robert. give me josh. let's go.
high could this market know? should we be getting in now? steve grasso and jonathan corpina. steve, what happened at the end of the day? walk us through how this market has been just -- >> everyone's been buying into this market, of course. waiting for that pullback to happen. when that happens, you get the shorts that are just waiting, waiting, waiting to cover. and then as they start to creep up to those round numbers, they do cover. that's the last leg of it. so right now i feel like year end, as bob said, seasonally bullish. i don't know right here. i feel like we're due for a pullback like everybody else. the problem is december 13th you get those budget hearings. that could be a catalyst. that could be a tail wind for the market to go higher. we're running out of daylight before year end for that selloff. >> jonathan, you both have seen, you know, ups and downs in this market. how does it feel to you in terms of the health of this market and, of course, the sustainability of this rally? >> right. the higher this market goes, we keep having these conversations of when is the p
steve tweet said that agency had always sought to sweep the issue under the carpet would now be forced to answer to the ecj. when he rejoices the studio because of the vote than to ingrid in relation to the heights of all dream of a hospital consultant the cover. yes indeed i mean i think that this take everybody thought that the association second boutique is asking where the only people who were outside the eu. but then one group that were knocked out talks with the irish hospital consultants association consultants covered by the irish medical organization where encompassed but that the naca never got the talks said today the ad agency has written to the i hate ca to clarify exactly what is their position in relation to huntington wrote because the outtakes ca has always said it's not the union back and find its members to a collective agreement in that case to hate as he wants to know are you with a surge in s'pore s so and they proceed to hate to see. they say they weren't invited to the discussions leading to the proposals that stress that these were negotiated with the imo. i'm
california. >> steve was saying extra hairspare. >> good plan. [laughter] >>> a massive plane stuck at the wrong airport just took off moments ago with a little help. the boeing dream lifter landed last night at the wrong airport in wichita, kansas, it was supposed to land at a nearby air force base. instead it landed ten miles away. it usually needs 9,000 feet of runway. a boeing tug was flown to the airport. the cargo was unloaded to make it lighter so it could still take off on the short runway. >>> a bay area city just named the safest in the state. we'll tell you which city holds that title. >>> and could your tv be spying on you? the investigation into one device that may be sending information back to the company without your consent. >>> encouraging news on the job market pushing stocks higher on wall street. first-time applications for unemployment dropped by 25 last week. the dow is up 106 points. the nasdaq is up 48. and the s&p, close to 1800 up 15 at 1796. >>> the website at the south korean electronics maker says list covers lg start tv now jason huntley says your l.g
as they point out, talking about 340,000 new auto jobs created for gm. thank you, steve. >> be careful. the stock that is not much of an overhang. a lot of people knew this. going for the job saying this is happening. those are taking it. you won't see it last a day unless the futures go up. gm doing better in europe and china. it is a good story. ford not going up since the -- the stock shouldn't be up at all. >> along with that a lot of retail numbers. shares of target are down sharply. discount retailer posting results below estimates siting delusion relating to the canadian segment where gross margins 13.8 versus 30%. >> it is the comp stores .9%. costco is .56. there is the halo. people want to give target the benefit of the doubt. you keep thinking this is going to be the breakout. the idea that we are going to wake up and target is going to be the same old target is not happening. it is a decent story, not a great story. i see no reason to buy or sell. >> you are neutral. >> when you have outfits like costco and williams sonoma i question why i have to own the stock. my travel i
who were accused of stalking and bullying a classmate who later committed suicide. steve harrigan has the details now from miami. hi, steve. how did this happen? >> reporter: patti ann, the charges of aggravated stalking have been dropped by the state and there are accusations from attorneys for the two teenage germs that the sheriff might have overstepped his bound. it's no question that sheriff grady judd of polk county has been very aggressive and public in pursuing this case, trotting out both the names of the 13 and 14-year-old girls who were accused of stalking and their oversized mug shots at press conference but because the families of accused girls were not cooperating the sheriff said he had no choice. >> the fact that a 12-year-old child, she jumped and died as a result of jumping from a seem meant silo, and coupled by her mother's admission and by information and evidence we uncovered she had been bullied in the past. >> reporter: the sheriff is offering no apology. he says he has no regrets in how he handled the indicates. patti ann. patti ann: is the legal battle over? >
is the sexist man alive or woman alive? let us know on twitter at cnn out front or erin burnet, steve job's spaceship is about to land. this is a real thing you're looking at here. we have a special report. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. >>> in tonight's "money and power." app apple's headquarters got final approve last night. dan simon is "outfront." >>> this is a spaceship in hollywood, this is in silicon valley. it's apple's head quarterers in california and it's sure to be as iconic as the company's products. >> i think we have a shot of building the best office building in the world. >> reporter: steve jobs first showed it off in 2011 in what turned out to be his last public appearance. he approached the project with the same meticulous attention to detail for which he became legenda legendary. the cafeteria will have retrackable walls so employees feel like they are eatin
.7% occupancy rate. let's check in with steve tanger and hear more about this company and where it is going. mr. tanger, welcome back to "mad money." hi, jim. >> nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> if it's 98.7%, you can't get to 104%, what will he do to make money beyond what he's at it? >> jim, we've been fortunate in that our sales continue to rise, our tenants continue to prosper. we have a very low cost of occupancy for our tenants which allows us to continue to raise our rents. our rents were up about 23% so far this year, so we have a win-win situation. our tenants continue to make money and our shareholders make money. >> is it actually beneficial if someone of a lower rent were to actually go under, because you have people clamoring to get into your places? >> 99% occupied, we are statistically full occupied. most of the centers have waiting lists and of course, we don't root for anybody to go bankrupt, but should they decide to leave for whatever reason, we usually have a wait list to replace them. one of the things that's happened in the last few years, are the people who feel co
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. promoting steve jobs movie, parodying steve jobs movie. promoting obama he was parroting obama's language with that collectiveness pledge video. he doesn't have a original thought in his body. certainly not a capitalist thought. walmart succeeds because of free voluntary trade. million plus employees voluntary work for the store. people voluntarily shop at store. when they build the store it raises property values in the neighborhood. kutcher doesn't have a thought in his head. melissa: brian, ashton kutcher likes what is trendy. to me piling on walmart, the coolest thing to do in america is beat up on big corporations, like walmart, like mcdonald's. that is our point. when you see hollywood piling on, then it's cool to kick walmart while they're down. why is this? >> first of all i'm on team hashtag ashton here. reality not saying necessarily new we don't already know. over 800,000 walmart employees. melissa: you're on ashton's side? come on! >> i seen walmart. watched it first-hand next several years. 800,000 workers earning less than $20,000. you have walmart employees now being replac
see it scattered everywhere. >> reporter: moments earlier, steve schneider showed up to help. schneider didn't know finch, he's not even from kokomo. why are you here? >> to help. i just give them a hand today and you never know when it's going to come in your back door. >> anybody hungry? >> reporter: that's about the time sarah miller and jennifer brackett arrived. their homes had been spared. >> they lost everything, we could at least bring them breakfast. >> reporter: down the block, kevin sprinkle was helping a young couple find a new place to live. >> you can take my truck. >> reporter: how long have you known courtney and mike >> five minutes. >> reporter: five minutes? >> this is the first time i've met them. >> you were coming by and decided to help them? >> i came intentionally by. i came intentionally by to help. >> reporter: when a tornado pushed phyllis rawlins' house on to the railroad tracks, the whole neighborhood turned out to remove it. after a day of digging they found her late husband's wedding ring. >> this is it. thank you, god. thank you, god. >> report
. >> reporter: that is steve young the owner. he is referring to this driver making multiple shops at the stop at the shop to make deliveries. here he is again backing up into a driveway. he has some town somehow attempted or somehow up cracked his until light. he leaves, only to return with more to dump derrick this guy was a regular customer. but the nasa record customer was to die and the audio. he had the nerve to drop down heard the vehicle appeared now at night this pickup are arrived at a woman jumps out. she even has her own bathroom tissue and stands there have connected preparing to wipe some of the uranic howff of tarpans late. i guess if you have to go to have to go. wipe some urine off of her pants leg. >> jacqueline: i have more avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero fi
've done overnight stop in steve's with local fight to get to see. shared office and all that i saw this and just as i'm out tonight that is what the conflict than fifty percent and twenty five. but since this is different the thought that was fine in his credentials in the indian auto competence after that and the process of setting up manufacturing units and that the fox the president the royal borough of kensington and chelsea face to chelsea for alex and run by the royal court to cultural society. the event will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary disney tory labour hundred and sixty thousand visits his shadow is the will of god meanwhile it. to see the queen has a new reiki to visit at the keys. joseph our cities or so from day to showcase new ponds in twenty twelve to celebrate the queen's sixty eight summit friend. a special dining tv friends with some details. days five hundred exhibit a space that is entering sunday's day stretching the imagination and inspiring one guy that i offered him a treat since seen here with that the structure of current sales. most discussed i
is well named steve french authorities and french police he was involved in a very notorious case here in france back in the nineteen nineties in which only people would show that now he was convicted of killing but he was found guilty of supplying see what buttons to the people here who shot the aids fight people that three police of a designated in the dead that hindsight he subbed for the ape in custody before being released at the ends of the nineteen nineties. he then disappeared off the radar that french authorities believe he went abroad possibly to the uk but he did they get their attention until now when he's obviously come back up and is very high profile crime and the man has been described as that perhaps tunisian old. in the nineteen nineties he described as the pathology is the way which ot everyday knowing take a break complex for a fun and eat them the katherine our strength there on tuesday tells of the arrest of that lone suspect in this week's shootings in perez now the paris prosecutor will be giving a press conference shortly and will they bring you the details of
you for your consideration, i'm steve humphreys, the ceo of fly wheel. some of you might know fly wheel is the app with nearly 2/3 of san francisco's taxis on our system. together wree and taxi magic provide access to virtually every taxi in san francisco, even here now you can see on a rainy rush hour in san francisco the nearest cab is two minutes away, easily accessible. realtime geolocated, very usable for the customers, and the legal fleets and drivers in san francisco are working very hard to compete with all the illegal and new services that are coming out and they are making lots of headway. our rides through fly wheel are rated 4 and 5 stars 95 percent of the time by our passengers here in san francisco. 95 percent 4 and 5 star ratings, 70 percent straight up 5 stars. driver reliability, when a driver accepts a hail through fly wheel, more than 99 percent of the time they show up to pick up that passenger so quality and reliability are being delivered by your fleets here in san francisco. so despite the good intent of this proposal it's the wrong action, it's a static pl
. it looks like the badgers are going to rise to steve abbott is starting tomorrow after hearing otherwise dry weather warnings have been extended to the east coast and out which presents a lot with the province of these kids in each of the wet forest fire well they not see it tomorrow standards has challenged the top that they have minus one degrees but the height of the wet and wild hunting bush and his twelve and fourteen degrees respectively. the on sale at every change that morning lovely minus four degrees and i have let it all the while tate and took the top out at thirteen. well that's all i have treated our hands. gemini. yes that's her broadcasts on this thursday nights and use a cane so tall and thanks for watching will see a cent the name. it is true. the eight seaworld programming work locally mined to all sponsors and underwriters local contact test sponsors to any team that works out or seven o three seven seven o seven one four seven. the morning. mike hanna tastic. it does not touch. he'd be having next recruitment movement that knits. yes he is in charge of the section b
. steve ine-mail from illinois -- the filibuster was a good option if used prudently and fairly. but it has been abused and overused. majority means one vote more than half. that is an e-mail from steve and illinois. a call from teresa in pennsylvania on our line for democrats. good morning. thank you for taking my call. i wanted to say that the republicans were well aware that if they continued the obstruction of the judges nor any obama appointee, then harry reid would have this option. so it is time for him to use it. theeeds to get some of president's appointees where they need to be. and it is just fair. they cannot be surprised by it. host: more headlines this morning. in the money section of "usa today" -- house committee and 's inspectorartment general are looking into a new york post report with national employment data and head of the 2012 election that may have been manipulated. richard in new jersey on our line for republicans. .aller: yeah, hi i am afraid that my republican constituents across the country never paid attention to the fact that our representatives in
talking my uncle steve. i said this before. i am for high politicians and not high taxes. it is hard to raise your taxes when you are smashed. >> did you hear what is going on with the mayor of toronto? guy who mentions the obvious a month later. >> where is a snarky guy when you need him? >> that was snarky guy. i guess he moved to toronto. >> very good, very good. >>> a new study found the key to a happy marriage is the wife's ability to scam down after an -- to calm down after an argument. researchers from cal berkeley found that women are better at starting difficult conversations that resolve problems, but only if they have had enough time to cool down. if the husband tries to start the talks she will criticize him for trying to resolve things too quickly. i am confused. i kind of understand this. if says the husband's emotional regulation has no bearing on the long-term marital satisfaction. >> i don't see how any rational discussion could explain what was happening. >> the women you cheat with, are they aware you inevitably cheat on them? >> they don't care. it is a financial
. wong, steve chow from the program 101 east. >> no! >> sir, are you still involved in the trade of trafficking endangered species? >> soon workers of his emerged to try to stop us from filming. but not once did wong deny that he, the world's most infamous wildlife trafficker was back in the trade. aljazeera, malaysia. >> you want to see more of this, tune in for the full first run of return of the lizard king. watch 101 east here on aljazeera on thursday at 22:30g.m.t. if you missed that, you can visit our website for more information. >> time in the news i have to say hello to farrah here with sport. >> five wickets from stuart broad has given england the advantage against australia. he was booed by the crowd after he refused to walk in a match earlier this year. he silenced critics with five or 65 as australia were reduced 273 or eight. australia had won the toss and decided to bat approximate at one point, they were 132 for six. the aussies improved thanks to a century partnership. >> as a player, you focus on your routines and what do you to get the best out of you. you are
for republicans to block his nominees. steve is live at the white house, what exactly did the president say? >> the president appeared in the briefing room here in the white house just minutes ago and supported the move in the senate today saying that enough is enough. he said that because of republican obstruction of many of his nominees through the filibuster process, he has had about 30 of them since he became president. he said this undermines progress. and he strongly supports the senate's move today. >> today's pattern of obstruction is just not normal. it's not what our founders envisioned. a deliberate and determinate effort to change an election. for the sake of future generations we can't let it become normal. >> harry reid spear headed that movement today to overturn a longstanding tradition of blocking nominations with a 60 vote margin. it supposed on a vote of 52 to 48 invoking the so called nuclear option. now the nominees to the dc court of appeals is pending. he wants to break that deadlock. they have been held up by those senate republicans. of course when the shoe is on th
resigned as of this morning. his last day will be at the end of january 2014. steve cohen in what would be one of his first letters to the staff since the settlement a couple weeks ago talked about becoming a family office and transitioning into a new mode and cumin leaving as part of all that. back to the courthouse behind us, we're midway through a day of questioning that started with cfo dan berkowitz of s.a.c. capital kind of giving the lay of the land at the firm and where michael steinberg who's on trial for alleged insider trading fit within that mechanism. right now we're under way with multiple hours of questioning of a gentleman named jesse tortora. he was a hedge fund worker at an unrelated firm called diamondback who has pled guilty of securities fraud and conspiracy in terms of engaging in insider trading on certain tech stocks. now, when i left the room, tyler, he was in the midst of telling the prosecution a little bit more about the chain of folks in which he engaged to pass on insider tips from tech companies. ultimately -- and i think he's about to get there -- to mich
of the financial services roundtable steve bartlett, who is here. when he was in the house, he was a leader in the effort to pass the ada, and we appreciate his presence. we received individual letters from 84 nonprofit disability and religious organizations like the red cross, easter seals, and special olympics. not to mention sign-on letters representing over 1000 friends groups. we have heard from individuals, some not so well-known, and some very well-known citizens, like colin powell, a chinese human right activist, loretta clairborne, the president ellicott university, who wrote, university, who who wrote, "nothing is more american than recognizing equal opportunity for all citizens." so i think at the end of the day, dr. jordan's simple statement is in substance why we must ratify the treaty. we have several petitions that have been organized by different groups with a total of over 67,000 signatures. and let us not forget what this treaty means to veterans. we have received letters of support from organizations, including the american legion, representing two point 4 million america
see the problem is people are dumping illegally in one way or another and it won't stop. what steve leung is referring to in part as a driver who makes multiple visits to the shop to make deliveries. >> here is of back up in the driveway and then he's done in trash from the back of his pickup truck. in the process of dumping he somehow appears to break his tail gate but he keeps at it totally unaware that he is being recorded. he apparently toss this out too much stuff because he put some of a back and struck. he then leads on to return with even more debris to done. >> but the naso regular customer was the driver of the audi who use the parking lot as a personal toilet. he even had the nerve to duck down when he saw a passing vehicle. >> not at night district arrived at woman pops out and does what she has to do she even had bathroom tissue. she stands there have connected for a few minutes apparent to wipe some of the urine of her pants, legs now that is just plain nasty. the >> no 3 keystone? no i haven't seen that yet but i am sure that if i keep the camera or london of somethin
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to work with, everything will go to mobile. apple started this. steve jobs, somebody else you worked with in your past. you're finding that there is a certain type of business that is actually benefiting from this technology? that could be expansion for you? >> we're seeing pretty broad scale. there is no specific vertical. a lot of professional services. we are focused very much on the 20 employees and below, two third of all of small businesses. and that market is, the one that is moving most quickly. cheryl: i do want to say you met with the new fcc chairman yesterday. >> i did. cheryl: someone you've known for many years. >> through the wireless industry, chairman wheeler, did address a group of other executives as part of an advisory council on national security communications issues. and talked a little bit about his agenda and the move to ip as a technology from the traditional pstn. they expounded a little bit on trials where he made public comments last week about what his strategy was. vonnage is supportive of that move. we've been leading charge for many years. cheryl: do
that folks are not open the street when he steve comes and we're evicting the lee families and other families. so we can make an argument been extending the population for housing but to assist the folks that are the most vulnerable >> i know people intend to evict because people are paying much lowering than mashlt rate. so i think we've managed to decrease the numbers but for low income for 10 years it's a smaller amount of folks >> that's why i know the one year and the impact of the program as well as the 3 years to see the impact and we adjust if elliss are going to go significantly credits and o m i's are going to increase that's the time to revisit where that's needed but for now, the policy goal is to really address this intensities problem that's happening right now. >> just a followup question for ms. wolf. when you get that notice of intent to ellis could there be a buy out >> once the owner files they can only bow out can happen before that. >> we should look at ways to kind of i mean it's hard to give the benefits that are buth out and sometimes, people have no choose but to
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